Monday, March 28, 2011

Molokhiya: Leafy Green for Hot Humid Summers

The most widely eaten "green" in Egypt, with its central stem the source of jute fiber, this distant relative of okra NEEDS wet almost swampy soil to do its best. The botanical name is Corchorus olitorius, and the oddly blue-green small seeds can be gotten from a few sources, including A few folks I know feel that the leaves are "slimy" and so also do not like Malabar Spinach. I grow mine either in Water Wise Container Gardens or in large pots set into a tray with a couple of inches of standing water. Dried leaves may be ground into a powder for a nutritious thickener for stews and gravies. I started a tray of seedlings "too early" this year by bringing it in each night to avoid the coolness as I love this veggie, wanted a head start, and will grow much more for my own consumption and for plants to sell. John

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