Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring is springing down on the farm

Starting off the day with a Seattle-style drizzle that at times became quite nice showers alone was gratifying, but in the course of running errands I bought at Lowe's some seeds by Ferry Morse of cleome (which I have not grown in years), 'Mammoth' sunflower to grow mainly out front to give joy and wonder to my neighbors and passersby, plus Celosia argentea 'Pampas Plume' for its edible leaves and to compare to the wild form that Tom Carroll gave me seeds of at the Wacky Hat Potluck. My east side Meyer's Lemon is blooming like CRAZY so I gave it a lush feeding of home-brewed fish emulsion and horse manure tea, plus a handful each of feed grade urea, 20-20-20 soluble greenhouse fertilizer a friend gave me, and monocalcium phosphate. I used my trusty "shower head sprinkler"  (I bought two today for Dad at Lowe's for $3.79 each) to then push those nutrients down into its hungry thirsty root system with a 20 minute soak. John

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