Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"You are a joy!"

My friend, John~

A prayer to my friend, God, would be to attend your classes to listen to you again~I learned so much that warm day about one year ago or so. I often wonder how your limburger cheese came about. :)

We now have chickens (they were darling gifts from my hubby, Chuckles, for my 58th birthday this year). Yep, I'll take them over a diamond ring anyday! He is now redesigning the grandchildren's treehouse/play house into a girl's dormitory right outside my sleeping room. :) That surely will give the neighbors something to talk about!!! :) Hope to plant a few Bird of Paradise in front of their domain ... sort of a play on words...would plant an edible ornamental, but it is pretty shady...although the rhubarb thrives in that little nook of the cottage's ???yard???? :)

Bless you for your informative narrative~I am always lifted in spirit when I read your emails to the group! You are a trove of great information; a book needs to be written by you!

Bless you!

Theresa Byer


  1. I'd like a book, too!!!! I'm always coming back here, dreaming of the day I have a yard that looks like yours. LOVE all the videos, too, on utube. Watched them all several times.

    I envy the lady with the chickens. We have so many hawks here that I'm scared to even try. Any suggestions about hawks?????

  2. I have tall rebars pounded into the ground out back, each topped by a blue wine bottle (somewhere here there is a post about them) that I train climbing roses and edible vines up...they've put a complete halt to hawks and kestrels diving for my chickens, plus they look cool. John
    p.s. so far no publisher has said yes to a book.