Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Supporting This Blog

I am enjoying creating the posts for this urban farming blog in hopes that folks find visiting to be both pragmatically informative and uplifting in these challenging times. If I am succeeding in those aims, you can support me and my efforts in a few ways:

1. Become a "follower" and get (I gather) an e-mail each time I post a new blog

2. Share it with friends and encourage them to join too since there is no cost.

3. Click on advertisements that interest you on the right side of the blog page, as that, plus "hits"
to the blog itself increase the incremental income I can receive from Google AdSense.

4. Someone asked me if anyone had donated to the blog....so far no. But I'd be delighted if folks
who feel they benefit from the information and energies I share here did that now and then
using the PayPal-generated "Donate" button at the bottom of the page, or it they mailed me
a check or cash amount of their choosing to:

John Starnes
3212 West Paxton Avenue
Tampa FL 33611

Thanks for checking out this and my two other blogs, Starnesland and Rosegasms!


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