Friday, July 23, 2010

Peek and You Shall Find

A few days ago I checked a long-favorite department store dumpster on the way home from buying a new motor for my AC with the help of my friend Tim.....MANY MANY bags of bird seed, each slashed. I got two loads in two trips (I live minutes away). I left MANY bags in the dumpster, plus who know how much loose bird seed that had spilled out of the slashed bags. Once home I transferred the bird seed (a blend of cracked corn, sunflower, rye or wheat, millet plus sorghum) into plastic buckets. Of course I HAD to weigh them all (now they know how many seeds it takes to fill the Albert Hall) on my bathroom scale. 325 pounds! The chickens, ducks and quail love it, so this will do wonders to meet their needs for QUITE some time. Just two bags had weevils...the rest were immaculate. Free is good. Thank you Alley God!

Peek and You Shall Find



  1. No fair!!!!! Just paid a fortune for seed for my birds!!!!