Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Question and Answer for Blog Readers: Send Them In!


This is Jerry in New Port Richey. I took one of your classes a couple of weeks ago. I was going over my notes and had a question. I'm preparing my soil for the October planting. I have added mono phosphate calcium and will be adding the calf manna on Wednesday. Would you recommend adding the Manhaden Fish Meal and the alfalfa also? I really want to give my soil everything it needs. I'm also looking for a tree service in my area for mulch. Thanks for your time. Jerry

Hi Jerry,

Boy you are fast! Yes it would be great to do that for your soil, then mulch with the tree chippings. If you don't need to do the cardboard layer, now would be a good time to plant a few eggplant seedlings and a row of black eye peas , a row of okra so you can get food coming in long before October. John


Thanks for the quick reply. You did not mention a card board layer in your class. How would I know if I need one?
Thanks Jerry


I tell people they can kill a section of lawn, or reclaim a garden site from weeds, by covering the area with flattened cardboard boxes, each overlapping the next by 6 inches, after feeding the soil, and before applying the mulch, then letting it lie fallow for 6 months to kill all the sod and weeds. If that is not an issue for you, then I'd apply the other nutrients, put down about 4 inches of the chipped tree mulch, water deeply, then plant those summer crops. Black eye peas/cowpeas are SUPER easy from seeds and LOVE summers here. One or two baby eggplants from Lowes or Home Depot and you'd be set.


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