Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Support Raw Milk: Produce it, Buy it, Drink it!

It blows my mind that a family farmer selling healthy, health-giving raw milk to folks who WANT it can get into more legal trouble than has to date, an unelected president who used deceit to lead America into TWO wars of choice for profit, with over one million innocent human beings dead, with many millions more having endured unspeakable suffering. Something is systemically wrong with this, and since the wishes and desires of the American people are clearly secondary to those of the corporations that actually run this country, only Gandhi-style civil disobedience to these unjust laws on a massive scale can change or negate them. Despite the breathtaking scope of his crimes, Bush gets a cushy taxpayer-provided retirement atop his already vast UNEARNED wealth, plus "socialized" medical care the rest of us could never imagine....so we can sure as hell produce and sell and drink healthy raw milk, and enjoy the innocent pleasures of cannabis in the privacy of our homes.



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