Saturday, July 24, 2010

They're Up!

Remember my recently posting this pic of that 8 oz. bag of dried Thai hot peppers I bought at south Tampa's Vietnamese 'DoBond Market'? Well, I took the seeds out of several of the pods, hoping that they'd be viable (vs. the peppers having been heat-treated or irradiated), sowed them in a 4 inch pot of garden soil, then gave them rainwater. They are up! This was a VERY cheap way to get seeds, plus I got 1/2 POUND of dried HOT Thai peppers for $3.99! I am planning on growing quite a few of these in buried 4 gallon Water Wise Container Gardens as I LOVE hot peppers and this would insure ample home made hot sauces, dried ground hot peppers, plus hot pepper oil.

Cool! (I mean "hot"!). John

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