Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Home Made Grape Juice

Since I have oodles of "Gracie's Grape", "Gray Street Grape" and 'Triumph' muscadine grapes this year, I am going to give this a try. John


  1. Are you going to sell Gracies grape seeds? or vine stock? My Flame seedless grape vines just don't like the heat and I want to grow something else but muscadine.

  2. I want to germinate the seeds experimentally, knowing it is a complex hybrid that would not breed true. But I DO plan on rooting plants of it to sell. But, I am about 90% certain it is 'Blue Lake', which I've seen at Lowe's. I've also seen at Lowe's (and bought) 'Conquistador', another true table grape for Florida that if I recall correctly, was bred from 'Blue Lake'. John