Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More Rain!

I was surprised to awake at sunrise to a very soaked looking yard, and to find soaked mail I'd left on a lawn chair as the forecast said almost NO chance of rain last night....I even left the car window cranked down a little to let out the odor of the horse manure in recycle bins I am emptying today. But I just checked my gauges...I got just over an inch last night! I just may have to stop calling this neighborhood "Egypt" if this keeps up. I LOVE it...everything is growing like CRAZY after so much rain the last five days.

So today I dump horse manure on a few bananas, get more from the stables across from my gym after my legs-and-shoulders work out, plant Mexican Sunflowers (Tithonia) in front and out back, pot various plants for my cottage business, plant more papayas in the south, west and center beds, add gambusia minnows (for mosquito control) to the three new duckweed farms that will help feed the chickens, quails and ducks (video soon), pull weeds from the now- wet soil to feed to the poultry, and continue clearing out the front beds ruined by the now-gone giant 'Mermaid' rose having kept me out of my own front yard for well over a year (with disasterous results).

An urban farmer's work is never done! But I love it. John

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