Friday, July 16, 2010

Home Made Tempeh

I have been an omnivore for over a dozen years now for health reasons (I am sickly as vegan or vegetarian even if I take supplements, balance my amino acids, etc.....some folks think I must have an O blood type though I don't know), but I cook primarily vegetarian, eating meat medicinally about twice a week. I LOVE tempeh but it is SO PRICEY at the health food store, so years ago I learned how to make my own by inoculating cooked organic non-GMO soybeans with a chunk of store bought tempeh to add the fungus whose white threads "tie" the cooked beans together into that wonderful firm, mushroomy loaf. It is important to add vinegar to the cooked beans to insure the correct pH so the fungus can thrive. I like to ferment mine inside a banana leaf clothes pinned shut at the edges. It is amazing JUST how cheap, (and delicious!) home-made tempeh can be. Give it a try...lots of how-to sites on line. John

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