Thursday, September 2, 2010

Free to Hyper-Frugal white landscape accents

A ten foot length of white plastic rain gutter is about $6 these days.....for the last ten years I've loved using them as sturdy, attractive, functional edgers for garden beds, like this one by my mulched driveway. They are very easy to cut with a hack saw at a wide range of angles. I personally love white landscape features to add brightness and color contrast as a very affordable color tool. A scavenged concrete birdbath, even if acquired in two stages (keep your eyes peeled for broken birdbaths out with the garbage......harvest the unbroken half and stash it. Then keep your eyes peeled for an unbroken OTHER half). A coat of fresh white paint ( a common curbside find if you keep your eyes peeled) can transform old lawn furniture, a beat up old wood fence, or a tired looking shed into a prime focal point for your landscape for very little, if any, money. Check paint stores for their deeply discounted "mistints" in various cans and types of paint, usually with a dab on the lid of the paint inside as a color swatch.

When I think about it I realize that since childhood I've loved the simplicity of Mark Twain's references to a simple lime whitewash for wood fences but I have never made you have a favorite whitewash formula?


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