Monday, September 20, 2010

Barter Requests with local blog readers

I can't find either of my tripods; suspect I left them in Denver when I was making difficult choices about what to keep on that last long drive home. I'd love to barter cool plants, fresh eggs or cool seeds for someone's spare tripod so I can expand my video shoots to hands-free ones for demos, etc.

I would like to make an arrangement with a local grocery store to swap my free range eggs and produce for their gallons of whole milk that expire on a given day as I very much want to expand my efforts at home cheese making since my Dad gave me a much bigger, brand new refrigerator. I'm thinking a dozen of my free range eggs per gallon, or perhaps potted one gallon edible plants. I live near Gandy and MacDill so the closer the better. I would also want to barter for certain expired cheeses like bleu, Brie, cheddar and Camembert (sp?) to use as "starter" for batches of fresh milk curds to make cheeses of my choice by introducing the molds and bacteria specific to each cheese type.

Thanks! John

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