Monday, September 6, 2010

Velvet Bean progress

As the days shorten, my rampant Velvet Bean (Mucuna pruriens) vines are adding increasing numbers of very small immature bud clusters that are a fraction of their eventual size. The mature bloom clusters are surrealistically beautiful, like wisteria on acid. Somehow, the six previous years I've grown Velvet Bean medicinally, I've neglected to photograph the flowers......I won't make that mistake this year! John


  1. Googled velvet bean after reading your post - they do have lovely blossoms.

    By the way, I followed up to the comment you made on the opuntia and emailed you. I would like the opuntia. Actually need three - one for us, two for two friends I have that are diabetic and prediabetic. Can I paypal you for the one and pick it up later (assuming you still have it)?

  2. Sure thing on the opuntia on PayPal. We can trade 2 unrooted pads for some of your amaranth seeds. John