Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thai Lemon Hibscus: Hibiscus radiata

Maylin that is how this tart-leaved, cannabislook-alike annual hibiscus NOT cut it back else you will prevent the lovely burgundy blooms that will appear in about a month that are followed by the tan seed capsules that will drop seeds to the ground that will germinate on their own next April and May. The plant will die after dropping the seeds in November and December. John
Hi John
We got the Thai Lemon Hibiscus baby plant and it’s like 6 ft high now.
Should we cut it down so it can get bushy or does it just grow straight up?
We have put it in our salad and soups and so yummy. Maylin


  1. my sister has a plant just like this only the leaves are red. she calls it a cranberry hibiscus. are you familiar with it?

  2. We have just finished Spring and entered Summer in the Southern Hemisphere. My plants are flourishing with canes over six feet tall. This is their second flowering. I cut them right back after the first prolonged flourish and away they came again. With plenty of unopened buds, I expect them to flower most, if not all, of summer.