Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bad news about my six new baby chicks.....

This morning before sunrise I learned that all six of my new baby chicks hatched in the incubator had been somehow eaten overnight in what I'd THOUGHT was a safe haven bird cage laid on its side atop the quail pen four feet off the ground. Bummer for them and their last moments as what I feel certain was a snake ate them in their sleep. Hell of a way to be awakened. Plus I was looking forward to seeing what they'd mature into due to their very mixed parentage. So now I will wrap this entire transitional cage for baby chicks with swimming pool screen that a new friend dropped off here last week to keep (hopefully) both snakes and racoon paws out as new eggs develop in the incubator in my office. With coyotes now in many neighborhoods in the U.S. , backyard poultry raisers need to keep their eyes peeled for more than the stereotypical "chicken hawk". John

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