Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Beauty of Fresh Living Home Grown Foods

My first and to date only harvest of home grown honey comb


A home grown meal

"Filipino Mexican Tree Pepper" Capsicum frutescens

Purple Yam 'Ube' Dioscorea alata var. violacaea

Key Limes from my tree before the 2009/2010 freezes.

A mandala of edibles from my yard I created for Fox News
a few years back.

Passionfruit and tomatilla atop a Jarradale Squash

Jarradale Pumpkin

My Dad John Sr. grew this 'Texas Star Ruby' grapefruit

For me, cooking and eating and truly SEEING what I grow is a healthy decadence. As a very visual man I like to photograph many of the things I harvest. Enjoy, John

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