Sunday, September 12, 2010

Velvet Beans Coming into Bloom

The shorter days of early fall are switching my Velvet Bean vines from rampant vegetative growth to friend Pat has young pods on his already. My soil here is very nitrogen rich due to years of free range chickens and growing Velvet Beans (they are a very effective nitrogen fixer) so I guess that is why my vines dwarf his but are flowering and fruiting later. I'll be sure to post in a few weeks how to harvest, cook, freeze and serve the L-dopa rich beans inside the velvety pods. Cooked, they taste sort of like boiled peanuts with a touch of lima beans. I'll also share the recipe I've devised for a sauce to be poured on the cooked pods that are then eaten like edamame soybeans that friends love. To me these flowers are beautiful in a surrealistic way, like wisteria blooms on acid. Enjoy, John

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  1. I was just about ready to send you an email about what type of bean seed you had given to us at the class I took last year.

    I feel like Jacqueline and the Beanstalk! They are beautiful plants, loaded with pretty blossoms~I just can hardly contain myself to wait for the recipes~AWESOME!!!!

    Blessings for simple abundance~

    Mama T Byer over
    @ Tindel Den Cottage