Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Fifth Rooster Slaughter

He was disrupting the equilibrium of the flock by challenging "Mr. Rooster" plus being mean to the chickens, so I "manned up" for my fifth ever slaughter, again hanging him by his feet in a nylon rope on the telephone pole.....quickest most humane machete chop yet. And for the first time I did not have adrenalin shakes afterwards. But once again I got dry heaves when I reached my hand inside his body cavity and pulled out the still-warm internal organs. I put the gizzard, heart and liver back inside the body cavity with seasalt and garlic before baking. I once again was amazed at how fresh chicken/rooster meat has a texture of "flesh" vs. that in the stores that has been frozen once or more. I leave the feet on the "drumsticks" as a reminder of the living origins of the meat vs. it being an anonymous substance in a package. John


  1. What breed bird was that rooster? How did you pluck it? Thanks! Ooooooh also I was wondering how did you make your cheese press???

  2. He was a Barred Rock......I plucked the main feathers by hand right after slaughter, then dipped the carcasse in very hot but not boiling water for about 1 minute to make it MUCH easier to remove the wing feathers and pin feathers on the body. I made my "cheese press" by putting on my thinking cap upon dscovering I had a pound of curd. The pillowcase was perfect for both letting moisture out while being strong enough to take those various weights I fabricated atop it. John

  3. Thanks John. Everyday I'm working towards a more sustainable lifestyle.. : )