Thursday, September 16, 2010

Question from a Reader

Hi John, I hope all is well with you! The velvet beans I got from you at the beginning of summer are starting to produce, and I have a very basic question: exactly what do you do with them to prepare for consumption, and how many beans should one consume over what period? When we speak of "beans" is one bean the entire pod, or one bean is one seed inside the velvety pod?Thank you! Sarah

Hi Sarah, Harvest is tricky as at first the pods are all flesh inside with no or just tiny "beans". Wait until they look plump and you see swelling where each "bean" ( seed ) is....break open one weekly to monitor progress. When they are the size of a small lima bean, pick the pods, boil them 20 minutes, and freeze. For medicinal use I thaw and zap one pod daily, eat one daily for three weeks, then stop 3 weeks, then repeat back and forth so the L-dopa can stimulate the pituitary gland to make more HGH (Human Growth Hormone). If you buy the Velvet Bean capsules at health food stores the label also mentions the need for this three week cycling. For years I've relied on memory and feel I've seen benefits, including zero gray hair at 57 just as was mentioned in the double blind research studies I read years ago before growing this crop esteemed by Ayurvedic medicine the last 4,000 years. But the last couple months I've used my CALENDAR and the strength gains I am seeing at the gym make my jaw drop! Who knows, by year's end I may more closely resemble the lean built guys I am attracted to!! John

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