Saturday, September 11, 2010

Healthy Choices on My Urban Farm

I've set a goal of hitting 147 lbs. (lose 10 lbs.) by Oct. 15 with two behavior more seconds ( I love my own cooking right from my gardens) and as I did last night, substituting a vigorous multi-mile bike ride along Bayshore Blvd. for enjoying my ritual of a certain herb and some brews, and the inevitable munchies. I may make that a sacred weekly event on a fixed day vs. "when I feel like it". Since I drink no sodas, my only fast food is a few bean burritos per month from Taco Bell, and I have no sweet tooth, the main caloric culprits for me are those brews, munchies, plus eating too much of my healthy home cooking. I am making massive strength gains at the gym with a new routine followed by protein and amino acids, am taking L-arginine mainly for cardio health but it also adds muscle mass, along with my usual 3 week Velvet Bean cycles. A guy at my gym with a chest I'd kill to have AND grope does ONE THOUSAND pushups daily along with his 3 day a week gym routine....I have begun a very modest 50 daily using the deep pushup bars I've owned for years but rarely used....I now hang them from my bedside table as a reminder. My goal is to more closely resemble the guys I lust after....once I lose this 10 lbs. more I will be much more defined on my torso. Just making these decisions feels very healthy and exciting!

Each fall here I get a delicious "autumn mania" that I employ to enact healthy positive choices, and I am liking a lot this fall's manifestations of that. John

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