Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mary Jo and I love to cook with celery a lot, know regular celery is loaded with pesticides, organic is so pricey, tricky and thirsty to grow at many she finds the taste of Chinese Celery too strong and bitter, plus it is biennial. So today I pulled up two fistfuls of that Water Celery that Josh Jamison gave me now thriving in that new bog garden out front.....I was amazed at the strong network of stolons down deep in the rich muck, I had to really yank. One handful went into the new shallow camp shell pond along with duckweed, the other in a one gallon pot of rich compost for Mary Jo for her to grow and taste. To me the flavor is much milder than Chinese celery, which is the exact same species as regular celery. Water Celery is an entirely different genus and thrives in the aquaponic tanks at H.E.A.R.T. in Lake Wales. The pic is from my bog has multiplied like crazy.

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