Monday, June 17, 2013

I can't imagine buying a papaya plant for $20 from Home Depot, as they are super easy from ripe fruit ( see recent pic of seeds scooped out of a Caribbean red from the store). But I've now seen three times in 10 years here, plus heard from other gardeners a valuable lesson.....seeds from a Caribbean Red purchased fruit give seedlings that bear in 6-8 months excellent fruits VERY much like a Caribbean Red. BUT....seeds from those second generation fruits either saved on purpose or popping up from compost or in my case, kitchen gray water, produce plants that bear MUCH smaller fruits with much less flavor, best used green Thai style. Seeds from THOSE fruits quite often become plants that bear very small fruits usually devoid of seeds. I now have tons of seedlings coming up in a baby pool garden from kitchen gray the past I'd have transplanted them into gardens but I've learned my lesson and will pull them to feed to the chickens and ducks.

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