Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A trick I've relied on for many years with my weird yards here and in Denver regarding avoiding code violations is COLOR....people are MUCH less apt to complain, and enforcers less likely to write a citation, if your yard is the most colorful on the block. I have dealt with this company for years, had nice phone chats with the owner, and his bulk prices are VERY fair. Sulphur Cosmos and its hybrids grow effortlessly, self sow like crazy, attract butterflies and are a good bee flower too. An ounce of seeds sown now would have any sunny yard ablaze with color by the end of August and for many years to come. Today I sowed more seeds of Dwarf Lemon Yellow around the perimeter of the new food forest as part of the effort to make it the colorful showcase of my back yard. No annual flower is easier...they even self sow out front right by the hot asphalt where I NEVER water. In Denver, the related species Cosmos bipinnatus, which comes in pinks and whites and red thrives and self sows like crazy......I've always had VERY poor results with in Tampa in my yard and landscape clients' gardens in the 90s, and I've heard this from other gardeners who like me tried both winter and summer. The Sulfur Cosmos is an incredible performer here.

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