Thursday, June 6, 2013

Good day to brew a gallon of sweet tea for the scoby, clean the kitchen some, polish the living room floor, empty rain buckets, and to use breaks in the rain to decide where to place kiddy pools from the south duck bed into the new center food forest to grow water celery and water spinach for me, and duckweed and azolla for the dinobirds, with gambusia minnows from the big ponds in them for mosquito control. I think Dad would be pleased if he saw my radically tidied up front yard, and outgoing efforts out back to PURGE excess crap, and organize what remains into effective systems for weed control (via ducks and chickens) and total food productivity while being MUCH more aesthetically pleasing and with a LOT more color from mixed sunflowers, cannas in wet container gardens, blue pea vine, and red pentas galore. Pretty sure I will be planting in front of each 250 gallon tote out front a young plant of the lovely deep yellow brugmansia that Norma Bean gave me cuttings of before leaving her home and gardens of thirty one years....within a year they should largely obscure the tanks plus perfume the air each evening. In view of the many seeds and cuttings I planted the three days before Andre arrived, in about a month I should see LOTS of new plants, edible and ornamental, out front and in back. John

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