Saturday, June 1, 2013

After much waffling about how to use the back east bed this summer, as I fell asleep last night I decided to today plant Giant Lima beans all along the fence line that keeps the chickens out, a line of 'Everglades 41' kenaf behind that, and kabocha squash/Seminole pumpkin in the large Water Wise Container Garden buried at the north end. The ample sweet potatoes all across that area should re-emerge soon now that the chickens are again excluded from there after wonderfully de-weeding it in two weeks. I'm framing the gate with 'Heavenly Blue' morning glory, and growing a mix of crops in the remaining several above ground Water Wise Container Gardens, and for the first time, coppicing HARD the Moringa tree in the corner. The Persian Lime and Meyer's Lemon are blooming and fruiting, and the Surinam Cherry just finished bearing its heaviest crop ever. Progress continues at Starnesland.

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