Sunday, June 2, 2013

I got turned onto this heirloom by a student a couple of years ago who gave me three plants in a 4 pack, and now I can't imagine growing any other kind. The lack of bitterness, the taste of the tender crunchy stalks, and the all-around mild sweet flavor makes believable to me the theory that it resulted from a collards/cabbage cross. I've yet to have one bloom or survive into summer, but this patch out front, in the ground vs. my usual Water Wise Container Gardens is very happy in a small bed it shares with three roses and glads bulbs and a Louisiana Iris, which, like one of the roses, is in a buried Water Wise Container Garden. This pic was taken a few days ago. I am right now cooking up a big pot of chopped leaves with olive oil and sea salt, and once they are in my bowl I'll splash on some very old strong vinegary kombucha tea with some home made habanero hot sauce. Best tasting, heaviest yielding collard I've ever grown

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