Thursday, June 6, 2013

As a man with a bitter palate and near-zero sweet tooth, I've found my upper limit...fresh rain-rinsed chicory leaves, simmered in rain water with butter, sea salt, a touch of turmeric (not a big fan of the taste) for about 20 minutes, served with a splash of in-your-face vinegary kombucha tea. I ate the whole bowl with relish, but have no desire for seconds until tomorrow. For some reason, I usually DO get a sense of well-being after feasting on bitter herbs. I think most people could not have gotten down what I just ate. Flower stalks are JUST a couple of weeks I should have oodles of those lovely pale blue flowers behind my mailbox to reseed once again. I feel it is growing even better here than it did in Denver...and when I planted the seeds two winters ago I thought it was a long shot!

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