Monday, January 14, 2013

There are SO MANY "foodisms" these days, at times as dogmatic as any religion I've ever encountered. Under NO circumstance are we to eat: soy, meat, dairy, eggs, legumes, ANYTHING cooked, wheat or ANY whole grain, carbs, nightshades, etc. Mercola and others say NO or VERY few fresh fruits, others insist that humans are physiologically fruitarians (tell that to the Innuits!) Others insist that we are herbivores (again, tell that to the Innuits) even though our physiology is a near exact match to the great apes who are true omnivores who eat leaves, roots, nuts, eggs and baby birds and vast numbers of taurine-rich termites and other insects daily. Chimpanzees actively hunt monkeys. Even the Bonobos eat meat now and then. True herbivores, like cows, deer, goats, pandas, sloths have (often) chambered stomachs harboring cellulose-digesting bacteria thriving in stomach juices with a much higher pH than seen in omnivores and carnivores). I've encountered anti-wheat folks who insist that we simply can't digest wheat even though bread has been the Staff of Life for many centuries....some anti-wheat folks say that humans settling down to RAISE grain is what led to organized warfare...but ants and chimpanzees routinely have what can only be seen as organized warfare to acquire territory, food, females and to commit infanticide. I've had "raw foodies" (whose appearance was hardly the vision of fitness and good health) TELL me how I should be eating at gatherings, which to me is both intrusive and rude....I can't imagine telling a vegan at a potluck, "Hey, you SHOULD eat this chunk of chicken, you NEED the taurine! I know your body better than you do!". If I listened collectively to all these "isms" the only thing I could eat is rocks! Then no doubt some New Ager would tell me that they have spirits! Geesh! Like I chatted on FB last night with a vibrantly healthy vegan friend who thrives on wheat products and even makes her own seitan from scratch, "you just can't win!" Since I fare poorly as vegetarian and vegan but THRIVE as a light omnivore trying to raise my own meat animals in very nice conditions before their demise to avoid buying factory farm meat, I'll continue to eat this way without telling others it is the ONLY way that a person should eat. I wish some folks would just chill, eat how THEY want to eat, and mind their own business.

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