Monday, January 21, 2013

After a spree of internet obsessing on GMO soybeans in world markets, pricing very expensive edamame seeds that offered no GMO status, I am just fine with planting late this spring the soybeans I got from Thailand, one pound for $1.79, being sold at south Tampa's DoBond Market. It was fun giving myself a crash course on the plant itself, its cultivation, GMOs, and Thailand's very impressive efforts to grow NO GMO foods and insist that those imported be labelled. If all goes well, by late summer I will be blanching and freezing oodles of home grown organic edamame pods! Seed Saver's Exchange offered a few types, 50 seeds for $2.75 plus shipping, and I could find no references to GMO status. So this bag from DoBond works for me.


  1. As far as I understand, the Seed Savers Exchange is in place to preserve heirloom, non-gmo varieities, so I'd imagine all of theirs is non-gmo. But I feel like I should check since I think you would know this better than I would.

  2. Their prices freaked me out and one variety struck me as so modern I could not help but wonder if GMO.