Monday, January 14, 2013

HUGE score yesterday at the Tampa Rare Fruit Council meeting....Andrew gave me a few of his huge Purple Possum passion fruits...I ate a ripe one today....wonderful sweet tangy flavor despite being scentless from the outside. A member was selling VERY generous bags of an EXTREMELY aromatic yellow one for just $1 as he was trying to get rid of them...his 5 year old vine makes 2000 fruits per year! I ate an unripe one...very tangy, wonderful flavor...I am certain that when wrinkled and ripe they will be heavenly. I'll eat a few but save and share and sow lots of seeds.


  1. Bravo! Those are gorgeous. Passion fruit are a totally overlooked resource. I've got two varieties right now and I'm hoping to build more trellis for additional plants.

  2. I love their flavor, plus a tea brewed from the leaves offers a great treatment for high blood pressure.