Friday, January 4, 2013

I learned of this as a byproduct of helping my previous dog Sweety who was declining BADLY at 12 years of age...within 2 weeks of iodine supplementation the improvements were SHOCKING to both me and visitors...she had two more years of QUALITY life! MANY of my friends looked into it, began taking it and have seen a PLETHORA of benefits...loss of fibroid tumors and breast cysts, loss of "brain fog", loss of chronic sweet tooth and weight, loss of chronic heart palpitations and sleep issues, total stabilization of long term thyroid issues after YEARS of conventional doctors testing and tweaking, reversal of diabetes. No wonder Dr. Lugol (inventor of Lugol's Solution) and other 19th century doctors called iodine The Master Nutrient. And no WONDER Big Pharm bribed some congressmen to get that skull and crossbones put on the bottle to prevent self treatment and prevention!!!

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