Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Someone I know from the annual Christmas party saw my Craig's List ad, thought it might be me and called....last night he and three buddies stopped drinking beer long enough to bring over the jacuzzi shell and and the fish pond on a flatbed trailer!! We got them into my back yard via my neighbor's back yard and gates. I'll mostly bury the jacuzzi, fill it and use a floating plants colony to process the water and gold fish for mosquitoes like in a European "swimming pond". Not sure if I'll use the fish pond as that, or drill the sides to make it a giant Water Wise Container Garden for a thirsty crop like okra. Both free and both delivered, will pay him with beer and plants he wants. He and his wife happy as they wanted them out of the yard. Eliska and her boyfriend Bob came over today, gave me a three gallon pot with a few dozen loose plants she pulled from her patch....a bunching onion that multiplies underground plus reseeds heavily despite her sandy yard. The patch is now going into its third year so I am hopeful it proves to be truly perennial. Even though they look like my scallion-like Allium fistulosum, she bought them as loose bulbs simply labelled "bunching onions" at an Ace Hardware store. I'll divide them into pots to share with folks to test. "Eliska's Bunching Onion" seems like a good study name to put on the miniblind strips.

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