Monday, January 28, 2013

Thanks Andy Firk for yet another great event at your place at Bamboo Grove in Arcadia....nice to see people I already know and like plus meet delightful new ones. I enjoyed your tour of your place, the wonderful potluck (every dish was vegan except for a casserole with tuna and egg and my 18 fresh eggs I fried up for folks this morning) and in particular the seeds and plants and cuttings and plant swap. I came home with many cool new crops, in particular the very rare ones that Josh Jamison had brought for me! Nice to see Cracker expand his fan club, and how amazingly well Andy's super-friendly cats accepted him and vice versa. How nice to end that evening around the fire before Cracker and I broke in our free tent, the first time I've camped in many years. You are going good things there Andy!

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