Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I had a nice couple of hours at the Twilight Market at Roosevelt 2.0.....lots of vendors out front, inside and outback. To me it looked like the turnout was very good. It was nice to see Brian Ritter and Charlei Scott and Nate Chetelat, Jon Butts, Bryan and Rudy Arnauts plus former students of mine. I enjoyed a $3 sample of three cheeses made from water buffalo milk, got STUFFED with a grand sandwich and soft taco. I'd hoped to buy goat milk or cheese from Pamela Martin Lunn and pig meat from Rebecca Krassnoski, but they were not there. I was VERY happy to buy me a new long-wanted 'Swiss Mint' and a 'Kentucky Colonel Mint' plus a pound of ground pig meat from the woman (Susan) and I believe her teen son at 'My Mother's Garden'. As usual Cracker got lots of attention from kids and adults and was well behaved...he got to meet two other friendly dogs too. I bought for him 6 homemade all natural dog treats flavored with cheddar and parmesan cheese. Luckily I got to share 4 Jamaican Cherries and some aerial yam tubers with folks I know there. A very pleasant evening, parking in that garage was just $1 (the attendant there fell in love with Cracker!) and I suspect that this market really meets local community needs. I think it'd be fun to go there monthly (am REALLY hoping for raw local milk, cow or goat) and local honey. Good energy and good folks there!

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