Sunday, July 8, 2012

Thwarting robber birds with garbage

Two shiny mylar emergency blankets (given me by a friend who kept them out of a dumpster) and two lengths of gold Christmas garland given me by a friend to adorn my tacky living room with, tied to the branches, seem to be keeping the birds away entirely from my Jamaican Cherry tree.....I've gone in just a few days from getting NO ripe berries to feasting on a dozen or more each day, with HUNDREDS of green fruit adorning the branches. Before I did this, they were taking unripe ones showing even the FAINTEST trace of trying to ripen. That watermelon/pink cotton candy taste is amazing!


  1. I found your blog about a week ago. It is great. I have two questions for you. One, do you have any seedlings for this Jamaican Cherry tree that you will be putting out for sale? Two, will you be having any classes in the near future. Thanks!

  2. Hi I hope to have Jamaican Cherries ready for sale this fall. Now that my Dad has passed and I am mostly in Tampa again I will resume offering classes in August. Thanks for asking!