Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"Okeechobee Multiplying Onion"

On a previous trip of mine to Okeechobee my gardening cousin Mike said a friend of his there has a perennial onion that makes baby plants atop a tall stalk instead of flowers, that he'd try to get me start. From that description I imagined perhaps a form of Egyptian Multiplying Onion for Florida like the strain that Allen Boatman turned us onto. So I am totally psyched to see that instead it is a true BULBING onion that multiplies underground AND that makes a vegetative reproductive top!!!!!

I immediately wondered if it is one of the forms of "Potato Onion" I learned of some months ago and have been obsessing on getting that is considered a type of shallot. But shallots are yellowish...this one is white! I am planting it Wednesday in a fairly large pot in my newly revamped southeast bed in back. IF it multiplies for me here in south Tampa (Okeechobee is MUCH colder in winter, routinely dropping into the teens), I will start a second colony in a nearby much larger Restricted Drainage Container Garden made from a scavenged commercial tree pot.

IF it succeeds here that will give me four perennial alliums so I can no longer need to buy the onions I simply can't cook without:

Allium canadense (Mary Jo Clark)
Allium fistulosum (perennial multiplying scallion)
"Okeechobee Multiplying Onion"
"Egyptian Multiplying Onion"  (Allen Boatman)

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