Saturday, July 28, 2012

The flock of Muscovy ducks has completed weeded the main center garden that last year was bidens hell....after all that pooping that area will be SO fertile. So today I try to shoo them into a dog cage and begin transferring them back into the original east bed with three ponds where the first three ducks began here. Then I planted two raja puri bananas in what was a GIANT apple snail pond that I have turned into a Water Wise Container Garden with selected punctures after I finish filling it with logs, horse manure, leaves and the sand I'll have when I dig a huge yet smaller hole and line that pit with a scavenged pond liner, punctured and filled the same way, to become a home for my guava. Next the entire bed gets covered with a THICK layer of paper mulberry branches, perennial sunflower stalks, horse stall sweepings and bagged oak leaves to cool and rehydrate that naked sand. An urban farmer's work is never done.

Next I will try placing a few in the south bed after the chickens have had a few weeks there to finish up the weeding.

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