Monday, July 30, 2012

Mary Jo and I are now sold on 'Fife Creek' okra due to getting many pods that remain tender even up to 9 inches in length on plants just 3 1/2-4 feet tall. We have pods now 11-12 1/2 inches in length that we are letting ripen for seeds for next season as this heirloom breeds true when grown in isolation. After growing 'Clemson Spineless' since my late 20s I am now a 'Fife Creek' man! I am growing mine in varying sizes of Water Wise Container Gardens and have fed them home made fish emulsion, urine and chicken poop tea as they REALLY like moist, nitrogen rich soil. They are a little pale in color so I will experiment with iron supplements and trace element supplements and Epsom salts, each experiment labelled. I just polished off a big batch of pickled raw okra I made two weeks ago....YUM!! It used to be hard to get the seeds but now Baker Creek and others carry it readily. I also like using young tender okra leaves as a cooked green as has been done in Africa for centuries. John

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