Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Eggs Galore

With these long day lengths and my free range flocks' healthy diet of weeds, bugs and restaurant scraps plus seashell grit from Picnic Island Beach I have tons of eggs to sell, eat and save for this winter when they are barely laying. Here is a trick I learned many years ago in Denver:

Crack a bunch of eggs into your blender until it is nearly full, add a teaspoon of sea salt, blend, let sit a few minutes as the salt dissolves, blend again, then pour into recycled cottage cheese and yogurt tubs, label with an ink marker then freeze.

Last winter I used a very large tub of frozen egg plus three shredded cheeses on sale plus onions and garlic to make a HUGE quiche with a whole wheat crust in my biggest Pyrex dish. I cut it into pieces, and froze each individually....I got SO spoiled by eating a glorious cheesy quiche whenever the mood would hit me!

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