Thursday, July 19, 2012

My fertile soil here is blessing me with a daily abundance of fresh fruit....The Surinam Cherry is long done, "Gracie's Grape" has finished bearing, but now "Gray Street Grape" is ripening in stages, giving me several clusters daily of sweet/tart, almost purple grapes....fully ripe soon when truly dark purple. My 'Triumph' muscadine grape yesterday gave me my first ripe fruits, sweet and green, lightly touched by amber shades. The Jamaican Cherry, no longer being swarmed daily by birds due to hanging shiny deterrents, gives me a heavy morning crop, a second late each afternoon as fully ripened fruits are shed onto the mulch. Two "Stove Pipe Cactus" (Cereus peruvianus) are laden with ripe and ripening "Cactus Apples"....the flavor of the white flesh speckled with tiny black seeds is very close to the very best Dragon Fruits (Pitaye) I've eaten. Both Meyer's Lemons and the Persian Lime (oddly blooming again!) are laden with green fruit for me to enjoy this winter and spring. Add to that fresh eggs and veggies and herbs daily, and life is grand on the Starnes Farm

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