Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Chicken Poop is organic gold

For years I've had my hen house set up so that the poop of those that roost on one pole collects on scavenged glass panes set atop a very large bird cage that houses young chicks. About 10 minutes ago I scooped several double hands full from there into a clay drainage tray, then spread what I'd guess is about four pounds of it onto the freshly weeded and turned soil in baby pool-based Water Wise Container Garden along with about four pounds of cheap cat litter made from bentonite clay. Next I will water this all in deeply with rainwater from the barrel, add two inches of rich soil from the free range chicken scratch path, then cover that with one inch of wood chips mulch to suppress Pig Weed (Amaranth species) germination. Next I will sprinkle some brassica seeds (not sure which yet) then 1/2 inch of soil followed by 1/2 inch of wood chips mulch. I am sure the seeds will germinate, but how will the seedlings fare between now and the October cool down?

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