Thursday, July 12, 2012

Down on the farm today...

What a joy to wake up to 2 inches in the rain gauges and overflowing rain barrels and damp soil! I celebrated with a lovely brunch of store bought potatoes browned and steamed in coconut and palm oil with garlic and Thai hot peppers and panang curry paste. Next in went leaves of katuk, moringa, and two kinds of chaya....I forgot the Water Spinach and perennial scallion leaves. Lastly, in went three eggs for added protein, cooked slowly and covered. Delicious! Some sweet smart guy with nice pecs should marry me for my cooking and insatiable sex drive.

Mary Jo reminded me how much I love pickled okra, so today I will the daily harvest of 'Fife Creek' okra to make a jar of sweet/spicy refrigerator okra pickles.

Life is good here!


  1. I really need to grow some okra. I made a jar of lacto fermented okra last year from some store-bought stuff. It turned out well enough. Don't know why I'm not growing any myself... need to rectify that. Also, did you scramble the eggs?

  2. I juat mixed the eggs into the potatoes and herbs and spices and cooked it all on Low with the pot covered.