Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Passion Fruit Passion

For years I had a monster vine on my south fence that I grew from seeds I got from fruit purchased at a Publix store...I have no idea what cultivar that fruit was. But when my vine began producing fruit a couple of years later the flavor of those that ripened naturally and dropped to the ground, then kept in my kitchen at room temperature until they shriveled, was over-the-top decadence! I have a new vine (also from a store bought fruit) thriving on my west fence, it growing in a buried 5 (7?) Water Wise Container Garden as that bed tends to be dry and hot as I convert it to a food forest. I doubt I will get blooms or fruit this year...maybe next year. Passion fruits vary WILDLY in quality and shape and color and size and thus can confound and disappoint the home gardener. I love the HortPurdue sites...this one helped me to get my mind around why I could not get my mind around the cultivars I had encountered, and why some can be so disappointing as regards productivity and flavor.

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