Monday, July 30, 2012

I've been pricing various above ground swimming pools....most are too big, WAY too pricey, and can be short lived. I don't want to "swim" just have a cooling pond to lie in, with the water processed by plants in meshed pockets hanging in a few places on the sides as is being done in Europe vs. pumps, filters and chemicals. I'd looked at stock tanks, galvanized and plastic....this is THE best price and design I've seen...and FREE shipping! It is going into the center bed where the ducks have been living as I am moving them back into the east bed. Next to create a cheap yet attractive source of light shade to use in summer, movable in winter. It will be fun thinking of solar ways to heat the water in winter. The 9 foot diameter and 28 inch depth seems perfect vs. a full blown pricey HUGE above ground swimming pool. John

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