Thursday, February 23, 2012

What a bizarre early spring following a mild winter!

Self sown hyacinth beans seeds are germinating, with some vines actually blooming! Even self sown Vigna unguiculata seeds are germinating....I'll freak if Velvet Beans begin sprouting too. The upside is a bearing papaya that survived winter after the two previous winters killed dozens here. I have oodles of nasturtiums in full bloom, with first blooms on Linarias and Bachelor's Buttons and Shirley Poppies, with more and more roses budding and blooming. Buds on my Persian Lime and Meyers Lemon trees are appearing daily, with rapid growth emanating from chaya and cassavas that got zapped by frost. Many seed trays now boast hundreds of seedlings, and an in-ground sowing of Scarlet Runner Beans now emerging. Since I generate SUCH low water bills (last one was $4.18) I've splurged on a few deep waterings here and there, with my intent being to turn the previously dumpy west bed into a damp, fertile bed for calabaza pumpkins of varying types, including 'Violina' heirloom Butternut squash growing beneath a canopy of papayas. I'll dig a fair sized pit and fill it with log sections and yard waste then bury it all to incorporate some element of hugelkultur there for benefits a few years down the road.

Now if we could just have a WET WET spring, summer and fall like we had in the late 60s and early 70s!

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