Friday, February 3, 2012

Down on the farm today....

Many dozens of Allium fistulosum seedlings now grow happily in a Water Wise Container Garden made from a 6 foot diameter kiddy  pool that Tim scavenged and gave to me, and a couple dozen more are growing in an old Restricted Drainage Container made from a scavenged plastic mini-shed lying on its back. Moments ago I got from my neighbor Theresa's yard a BIG pile of pine needles I will use as I refresh and replant the back porch kitchen garden. A short time ago I planted 80 yellow onion sets DEEPLY in a rectangular Water Wise Container Garden I made from a discarded plastic planter box.....most I will pull up to eat as scallions but I will leave several to see if they mature into bulb onions.

Thanks to a mixed bouquet and a saucer of sugar water I've filled four times today, a LOT of honeybees are visiting the newly moved and rebuilt Top Bar Hive by my west fence. Since quite a few keep going into the  hive that has empty comb drizzled with honey attached to the top bars, I am cautiously hopeful that they are scout bees looking for a new home for a soon-to-be swarm and will move in.  Their golden color, docile demeanor and flight path straight to a nearby beekeeper with 122 hives has me hoping that they are Italian Domestics. The suspense is delicious!

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