Monday, February 6, 2012

Spring is springing here!

So many signs of life in south Tampa..... green shoots emerging from amaryllis bulbs, those first few tentative buds on citrus trees, azalea and gardenia bushes escalating their show daily, neighborhood red buds and tabebuias in bloom, with my roses boasting ever more buds and blooms and vibrant new foliar growth.. Today as Patricia and Dave and I chatted in my back yard, the first flock of robins zoomed overhead. The increasing day lengths have prodded the chickens into laying more eggs....within six weeks each bird might be laying daily. I am planting food and flower crops daily. I hope you enjoy these pics from previous years.

I love living in south Tampa despite our perennial rain shadow!


  1. Gardenias are my favorite! And my baby apple tree is blooming. Gotta love spring in Florida!

  2. Wow, apple tree blooms in Florida? Cool!