Saturday, February 25, 2012

Down on the farm this week....

FIVE Muscovy ducks now nesting! Time to man up and do my first slaughter, then a few more for the freezer. Three bumper crops of wasabi-like Giant Red mustard now thriving, with follow up sowings or arugula growing quickly. Thanks to a mild winter I am now enjoying fresh papayas and am delighted to see blooms on eggplants entering their second year in a Water Wise Container Garden. Even the new young chickens given me by a generous blog reader have begun laying....brown shells with white spots! I'm not sure why but the many plants of perennial scalllion Allium fistulosum have surged in their growth, be they in 1 gallon pots for sale or in Water Wise Container Gardens for my use later.

Unfortunately so are the chickweeds and a few Bidens "Spanish Needle" in the beds out front. I MUST pull the rest up and fed them to the poultry to thwart seeds production so I can FINALLY win this perennial battle!

Later I will post a pic of a white plastic tub I got curbside before the garbage truck did and that I will convert to a high water table Water Wise Container Garden I will bury the south bed to raise taro in this year as I SO miss Thai taro leaf soup.


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