Friday, February 17, 2012

Light drizzle here....

Will proceed with spring tidying of back porch gardens, fresh pine needles for the path, sow more crops in Water Wise Container Gardens there, with the seed trays doing a nice job of delineating the path. Yesterday I made a WONDERFUL curbside score on the way to Wimauma's Restaurant to get poultry scraps and give Chef Gary fresh Giant Red Mustard and nopales cactus pads.....a VERY substantial plastic kiddy pool set out next to their garbage and recycle bin for pick up today! IMPOSSIBLE to get it in my Dodge Caravan so I put it on the roof and drove around the block SLOWLY, holding it with my left hand out the window. Very heavy gauge plastic, polyethylene I measures 5' 8" in width at the narrowest point, 6' 2" in length at the shortest distance and is 11 1/2 inches deep! I'm not sure if I will use it to replace the tiny old, now collapsed fish pond in the NW corner of my front yard, or turn it into a Water Wise Container Garden for thirsty crops, like okra, out back. Whatever I choose it will be easy to plug the drain hole. Thank you Universe!!

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